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Theozz is a decentralized finance autonomous smart contract platform, which is built on Binance smart contract Technology. So Lets Get ready to explore and learn more about everything Theozz Ecosystem.

Theozz Token

Why Choose Theozz Token

Theozz is one of the fastest growing and secure protocol in the decentralized finance industry. This platform will take care of fast coin distribution, real-time liquidity migration with a verified and safe platform.


Theozz Lending & Borrowing

the new Theozz decentralized finance world, now for individuals and institutions. We've worked hard developing a core platform that is trusted by regulators and publicly traded financial services firms, and we're excited to bring the same high standards to individuals everywhere.

Theozz provides flexible and powerful lifecycle management platform for digital asset borrowing and lending From origination to maturity, Theozz automated digital asset loan servicing platform takes care of mission-critical operations and risk processes.

Theozz Success Roadmap

Lets Explore and learn How Theozz community will grow in near future with amazing upcoming utility platform.

August, 2021

Startup of Theozz Token Ecosystem

September, 2021

Start functioning & Start the Pre-sale

October, 2021

Theozz will launch its Theozz Business Meeting App for worldwide community

January, 2022

Theozz will launch its Social Connect App to connect the worldwide community faster

May, 2022

Theozz will launch its own AMM DEX Platform for its worldwide users

June, 2022

Theozz Crypto Gaming Platform & DEX Launch

October, 2022

Theozz community will Launch the NFT Marketplace.

Theozz The Most Trusted Platform

Theozz is a instant liquidity protocol platform for Decentralized finance platform & non-fungible tokens. We are a decentralized creator-based financial ecosystem in the world.


Gain unlimited exposure to several instruments from multiple derivative assets such as stocks, bonds, equities, digital assets, futures - raised as tokenized assets.


Earn Theozz tokens for providing liquidity to the Theozz ecosystem. On our leading decentralized exchange (DEX), you can earn an APY as high as 220%* by participating in the BSC network.


Exchange synthetic assets leveraging the seamless features of a traditional exchange platform in a peer-to-peer, transparent, and trustless architecture.